I am pretty sure most of you have heard the term 'VST', or VST instruments, well, it is Steinberg that is reponsible for this. Cubase is also known as Cubase VST. You can buy, or download for free thousands of VST instruments, some are absolutely brilliant, and some or well..... NOT!

As the Orla organs are equipt with MIDI, this opens up new possbilities. Those wheels on the lower left cheek block, yes, the Pitch wheel and modulation wheel not only works with the Orla organ, but it will work with the VST instruments as well, like if at some later time you downloaded a VST synthesizer (there is millions of them....yes MILLIONS!) you select a patch (a patch is a term synth players use in the same way us organists use the word presets) and you start to play it through your Orla, depending on the patch/synth when you operate the modulation wheel, you can hear the sound change. When you use that modulation wheel, at the moment you get a vibrato effect or maybe a tremelo, but use it with a synth, you get can get something totally different, quite often beautiful too.


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