Here is the software section. It is divided into genres, software types (ovp, styles etc) and Orla model. Download what you like, it's free!
Software Type Title Genre Suitable for songs. Author Download
Style Slow 8 Beat Soft Rock Anything slow 4/4 Chris Rendall Download Free
Style Epic Ballad Soft Rock Slow stuff Chris Rendall Download Free

If you have any styles, ovps or even some midi files you would like to share, please email me HERE and you can send the files from your email account.

Thanks :-)

Just for fun. If you have created a style and you haven't finished it or have stumbled upon that rock wall and don't know what to do with it, send it to me anyway, I will then list it and maybe one of our other users may add something of their own. This is real team work. So, guys lets do this!
Every little helps towards keeping the site free
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