As it is a club, the styles and OVPs etc are free to download. I hope to make this site the largest FREE Orla GT range software FREE site on the internet.

If you write software yourself and would like to contribute this Orla GT library please contact me. Thanks.

Enjoy your stay.

The idea behind this site, is to provide fellow Orla users access to free software that they can use anyway they like. You can use it for gigs, your own personal moments. You can even alter it as well if you so wish, but what I would like, is if you have altered and improved the work you have created, please, can you share it with other fellow owners, this way the site will grow and become more popular, encouraging a new following.

For years manufacturers have developed a product that is bristling with features, and promise customers that they will be supplying software buy the truck load, Orla is also guilty of this. Make a super product but they don't keep up with the after sales, sales.

This is where we come in. We, as a community can help each other by sharing, presets, styles, midi files. This way the interest in the instrument is ongoing, which is a good thing.

Also, do you have any hints and tips for other users? why not share those too. When we all share, we can then all benefit.

Hopefully if Orla bring out new products, they will let us know, so we can work our magic and keep the interest alive.

Has anyone noticed a decline in the organ world? It's not because the instruments are rubbish, it is because the interest is in decline, but it need not be,

So, let us, as a team work together to generate the much needed interest in our wonderful hobby.

In the near future I am wanting to be able to advise users of accessories too, like interfaces to link their Orla/Ringway to their PC.

Isn't this music hobby wonderful?

Looking for a special piece of sheet music? Then search here! I use it all the time. Ever wonder where my tunes come from?
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